Locations and Areas - Leaflet map with region tabs

A map plugin with awesome features like multiple regions as tabs. Based on Leaflet.js, no API Keys needed!


Download free version on wordpress.org

Please checkout my other plugin Open User Map. It has the same features plus much more. "Locations and Areas" will eventually be deprecated.


Free Map Source

The map is based on the awesome open-source JavaScript Library Leaflet.

No API Keys or Access Tokens required

Because it is open-source, you will never be asked for an API Key or any other form of membership.

Multiple Areas as tabs

Use Areas to provide an additional navigation to your users. Let them literally "fly" back and forth between multiple regions worldwide.

Gutenberg Block & Shortcode included

The Plugin comes with a Gutenberg Block so you can easily add the map to your content. Alternatively, you can also integrate the map with a shortcode at any place. This works with PHP templates as well.

Simply drop location markers

Adding locations is as easy as dropping a location marker on a map. You can search for addresses worldwide to quickly find the right spots.

Beautiful Map & Marker Styles

Choose from multiple awesome map and marker styles and find the one that fits best to your website.

PRO Feature: Visitors can add Locations from frontend

Just by clicking a "+"-Button a form will popup to let them enter location details the same comfortable way you do it in the backend. After submit the location proposal will be "pending" and wait for your review approval to get published.

Use case:

You want to build a map service where your visitors can add locations on their own. This could be a travel blog or a something like our map with 500+ kite and windsurfing spots worldwide.

Full Featurelist

  • No API Keys needed
  • Based on Leaflet.js
  • Use Areas as additional map navigation (optional)
  • Available in 8 languages
  • Provide details for every location
  • Area navigation on top (tabs) or as sidebar
  • Shortcode included
  • Shortcode attributes to set individual initial map focus
  • Set locations easily by dropping markers on a map
  • Location markers that are close to each other are grouped together (marker clustering). This is optional.
  • Choose from multiple map styles
  • Choose from multiple marker icon styles
  • CSS Styles are easily to override
  • Set initial map focus
  • PHP backwards compatible until version 5.6
  • tested with most current Wordpress version
  • conflict-free domain changes
  • Fully responsive on all screen sizes
  • Gesture handling for touch devices
  • Gutenberg Block included
  • PRO Visitors can add locations directly from the frontend
  • PRO Custom "Thank You" text
  • PRO Location proposals are pending until admin approval
  • PRO More beautiful map styles
  • PRO More marker icon styles
  • PRO Direct support from the developer
  • PRO Access all future PRO features
  • PRO Request for features

Use Cases

Use Case: Your favourite Bars worldwide

You like to show your favorite locations in Berlin, London and New York and don‘t want to include a whole world map or three separate maps for that. This plugin let‘s you set multiple focus areas within one map. Your visitors will switch (literally ”fly”) between your focus areas just by clicking the links on top of the map.


Use Case: 500+ kite & windsurfing hotspots worldwide

We thought it's about time to serve a useful map to all the surfing enthusiasts worldwide. With 500+ kite and windsurfing hotspots oranized by a handfull of areas and detailed information on most of the spots, this was an easy go. Surely this project grows and many cool features will be baked in.

Use Case: EV Charging stations in different cities
Use Case: Bike Rentals

Use Case: Bike rentals

People love to ride bicycles to explore urban areas than to waste their precious time in the stuffy traffic jams. This website serves a map with bike rental stations in a couple of major cites in Germany.

It is very easy to scale up and to expand the service with more bike rental stations and cities worldwide.

Demo (german)

Use Case: EV Charging stations in different cities

Electric mobility is the future! Imagine to launch a map service to show your users all the EV charging points within metropolitan areas. With Locations and Areas Plugin this is an easy task as you are able to specify areas. The user can easily fly back and forth with a single click.

Use Case: EV Charging stations in different cities


Exactly what I was waiting for!

Yeah, I was hoping someday there would be a plugin, where I can showcase our 20+ office locations worldwide - within one single map. Makes total sense and the plugin does exactly that! Great work!

Works perfectly fine

It does what is says without issues.

Great Plugin, thanks!

I'm ussing this plugin instead "WP Store Locutor" because the google api restrictions with the payment method, this plugin is using openstreet maps. Is very simple to use, just put latitude and longitude data from your location to make the marker point on the map and that it's all.

Thanks for this plugin

it‘s working perfectly

Support & Feature Requests

Please use the support forum on wordpress.org to let us know about your ideas helping to make this plugin better. We will try to help you with your support requests immediately!